2018 System Blue Professional Marching Series Trumpet (SB12, Silver)

2018 System Blue Professional Marching Series Trumpet (SB12, Silver)

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System Blue’s Professional Marching Brass Series is built with an eye toward the advanced player. Our superior design is rooted in decades of experience and success in the marching arena, as we recognize the demands and challenges required for excellence. We knew it was time to create brass instruments that speak as individual voices, blend as a choir, and project clearly both near and far.

The SB12 Trumpet has a bore size of .464", slightly larger than the SB10. This wider cylindrical bore has less resistance for overall volume and range, great for lead trumpet players that often play in the high register.

The 5" bell is designed for maximum projection so the sound makes it from the field to the press box without losing even the slightest bit of impact.

Professional Trumpet SB12
Key Bb
Mouthpiece SBTP2 recommended (not included)
Finish Silver
Includes lacquer finger buttons and top/bottom value caps.
Bell Size 5", one piece
Bore Size .464
Included ABS case
  • Everything is in working condition with minor blemishes.
  • Two season of usage.
  • All sales are as-is.
  • Will ship within 7 days of order.

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